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Our Student Creed

Affinity Martial Arts students subscribe to a creed that not only defines them as martial artists, but as individuals outside of the academy.

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At our heart and core, we are all about family.

Affinity Martial Arts

We have transformed hundreds of students’ lives by empowering them with the tools to succeed, regardless of gender, age or athletic ability. We develop and nurture a lifestyle in our students that brings about a positive change for the rest of their lives.

At Affinity Martial Arts, we offer a variety of programs designed to help each student achieve their goals. Our curriculums have been developed with self-defense, fitness, and guidelines for amateur and professional fighters in mind.

Each of our classes is taught in an age-appropriate manner with a curriculum custom-designed to meet the needs and various learning styles of each group. Whether you are looking for a program that will help your child improve his or her focus in school, hoping to find an interesting and enjoyable alternative to the gym, or you are on the front lines of community service, military or law enforcement, we have a program for you.

Come into our veteran-owned business and meet our instructors. See what make Affinity Martial Arts the smart choice for you and your family.

Martial Arts Instructors

We are dedicated leaders, life long students of our respective practices, and experts at empowering our students to reach their goals.

Registered Yoga Teacher
Front desk/ nutritional counseling

Michael Rifkin