What can I expect in a Cardio Kickboxing class

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April 2, 2018
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What can I expect in a Cardio Kickboxing class

What can you expect from one of our Cardio Kickboxing classes?!?
In a single word…sweat!

The cardio program at Affinity Martial Arts is a full body workout that we guarantee you’ll love to hate. – And that’s what we love to see. Affinity Martial Arts is made up of  a team of motivators including  family and friends that will keep you going even when you don’t want to. We believe that a strong team of both men and women is crucial to meet your own personal goals.
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What’s the difference between us and some of those challenges?

We are not a five week challenge.
We are not a ten week challenge.
You won’t win money for working out.
We are a lifestyle.
Among all the differences, one of the biggest between us and those trendy “challenges” is that when you come to our classes you will actually learn proper techniques that can easily be applied in our Adult Kickboxing classes. Our team of instructors have been training long before any of those challenges even existed so you can feel confident that when we show you how to punch, you’re actually learning how to punch. – Not just a heavy bag, but at an attacker.
Affinity Martial Arts takes pride in their ability to nurture and transform peoples lives both physically and mentally. We are not here for a few weeks and then let you go back to your old habits. We are here for the long haul making sure you stay happy and healthy in a safe environment.

Do I need anything to start?

All you need to start class is an open mind, a towel and a bottle of water.
The first time you walk in you’ll be instantly greeted by a family of supporters that will welcome you with open arms. As you step on the mats the first time your nerves might kick in, but after the first five minutes and/or your puddle of sweat I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Your instructor will help you at your own pace while still completing the goals of the day, but in a safe and controlled manner.

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